Master Mommy–The Failure

I’d like to begin by stating that I fully believe that I struggle with being a mom, so if you’ve stumbled upon this post as a “how-to” page stop reading now.

The older I get the more I realize that I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. My husband is a better parent then I am (See exhibit A), and quite possibly a better person. One of my biggest flaws is learning how to be okay with being less than superwoman. I do the best that I can and try to fill in the blanks later—but that makes me feel guilty. “Mom guilt” is what they call it, I guess. Apparently we all have it. Mom guilt throws us into camps and divides us (Cloth or disposable diapers? Formula or breastfeeding?) Mom guilt forces us to take on more than we can chew in attempt to prove to others that we are enough. But we are enough.

Exhibit A: Are they twinning–I’m usually lucky to get clean clothes on both of us

Let me say it again, I am enough.

You are enough.

My most recent mom guilt has been over the decision to stay in Texas with my two children (1 month old, Nova and 3-year-old, Frost), while my husband heads to North Carolina for work.  I’m currently a stay at home mom while my husband is a professional athlete that provides everything we need and want. All I’m suppose to do is manage our household but more often than not, I feel inadequate. I fanticize about working a traditional job, putting my master’s degree to work. I don’t always feel built for the role I have assumed.

Over the years I’ve learned my feelings are shared by many moms. I’m tired of reading blogs of perfect moms and wives. Those articles often seem tone-deaf to what the world IS REALLY like for most of us. I don’t want to see your well-groomed child or your gourmet meal on fine china (also known as washable dishes). As for my child, he lays in sand and runs around with a dirty nose (See Exhibits B and C).

Exhibit B: Hmm, I wonder how long those boogers have been there. *shrugs*


Frost in Sand
Exhibit C: C is for confession. WE DID NOT WASH HIS HAIR THE SAME NIGHT

So that’s where this blog comes in.

My goal is to be open, honest, and raw through discussions surrounding faith, family, and sometimes straight up fuckery in the world. I hope you’ll follow me on my journey, participate in discussions, and grow with me!


Master Mommy

P.S: Comment below, what is your most recent mom fail?